How cool is this!!

Steam is going for the living room! They challenge PS, Xbox, Nintendo, and OUYA (if OUYA ever catch audience) and I think they just got a serious competition!
In my book, Steam saw the online market 10 years ago, and they have developed a platform to use with online distribution and socializing. They might even have a way to play games directly from servers when the common world internet connection is ready for it.
What I’m trying to say is that experience often wins a battle, and PS, Nintendo and Xbox are going into a market dominated by STEAM (Valve) with their new online strategy and not the other way around. Steam knows how to make a good community, and their “BIG SCREEN” solution for STEAM have functioned beautifully.
Check this picture of one of the controllers out… simply awesome! Creative! Almost looks waterproof or beer/soda proof 😉

STEAM OS controller

STEAM OS controller

There are plenty of reasons to believe Steam will take market share and succeed. To start with, they will deliver the idea from the pc-gaming world, where you can upgrade parts, or the whole machine when games as too hard for the old graphic or CPU to handle.
Xbox, PS and Nintendo launch new equipment every 4 year, this have some strong point to it. But the trend and gaming evolution is pointing in the same direction as Steam. That’s my opinion!

STEAM only delivers the software. This means:
• Any hardware manufacture can make their solution to a good gaming console. With more to choose, the best will dominate and the result will evolve year after year.
• Any uplink equipment can be used. As long as it’s compatible with the LINUX software and Linux is growing fast. You know if you’re in tech business 😉 equipment like headphones, keyboards, mouse, and gamepad. Whatever you fell like!
• Pricing will expected to fall on this device, taking the difficulty level from providers into perspective.
Of course the system is not out yet, and it’s a puzzle waiting to be put together. But the pieces are big and full of opportunities with the consumer in mind!