Opening of First Gaming Hour

Welcome to first gaming hour Web site!

I made this website out of love to computergames. My mission with this site is to keep you out their informed of what games are good and not, by playing the first hour of the game at least. I play full games off cause, and will give full reviews, but i normally put a game away if the first hour is crap.
This site will undergo a lot of change the gaming days and weeks, until the setup is as i wish it to be. The site will be linked to my youtube account where i’ll be uploading “first gaming hours”, “Lets Plays” and more, maybe even “first 10 min”, if its really crap.

Everybody are welcome to comment on posts on this site, and even make post if you ask me for a login. I hobe you’ll all enjoy.

and fell free to ask on specifick games!

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