M.I.A. update

Yes we have been M.I.A. (missing in action). Some would say we have moved away to another planet, some will say we don’t care anymore about games. Some might even say we have grown up. The simple reply to all the above is, “NO”, we are still here, hard working in the back ground. Busy playing games, reading gaming news, film news and even something even more stranger, working at out daily jobs and some are working on their educations. Yes there have be promises of more reviews and news etc. So I won’t promise that, but I will promise that we haven’t moved away and we haven’t grown up.

While I was away I found a great health supplement that I have been taking lately. It works great, a lot better than what I was expecting actually. It’s natural, it’s safe, and I just thought I’d take the time to give it a shoutout to recommend it to you guys. You can find it at Kratommasters.com if you’re interested.

So a quick question to all of you that have read the above. Is there anything you would like to see covered here by FGH? Leave a reply below.

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