League of Legends: World Championship Predictions

Written by Vale


The League of Legends World Championship has started and day 2 is underway. We know the groups of course, but we also know how the knockout stage bracket looks like, so I wanted to give you my predictions on how the groups will turn out and how the knockout stage will go.


Group stage:

These are the groups and I have moved the teams around to show how I think they will turn out. Group A is really simple, there is no doubt Samsung White will finish 1st and EDG 2nd, how the other two will finish I don’t know, but it doesn’t matter. Group B is more complicated, I think SHRC is the strongest team but who else will get out of the group is not clear. I picked TSM because I think they are good overall and Bjergsen can hard carry that team, whereas I am very uncertain about TPA since I don’t watch GPL, so I don’t know how good they are, but after watching the first day of group stage. I can see them overtake TSM, but I stick to my choice. Group C, once again no doubt the Samsung team will finish 1st unless they decide to throw on purpose (more on that later). I picked Fnatic to also make it out, because they always show up when it really matters and OMG looked bad a couple of weeks ago at the Chinese regionals. I don’t think LMQ stand a chance in this group. Finally group D where I for the 3rd time see the Korean team winning the group, but this is probably the group where the top three teams are most evenly matched. I think all three teams have a chance at finishing 1-3, but I base my decision on recent performance and NaJin White Shield dominated Korean regionals, Alliance played very well at the EULCS playoffs and Cloud 9 lost to TSM at NALCS.


Knockout stage:

You can see which seed meets who and where in the knockout stage here:


But with my predictions, this is how it will look:



Two things to mention about this: First Samsung White have a very bad record against Samsung Blue, which makes no sense, because White is a lot better, but strange things happen when teams from the same organisation face each other and so far Blue has come out on top, but I think this is the time White manage to defeat them and get to the finals. Second I am not sure if EDG can actually win vs NaJin, but I think either team will lose the final to Samsung, with them having a better chance if they face Blue than if they face White.

Ok, so now to the issue of whether Samsung Blue decide to throw in group stage. As you can see above, if Samsung Blue win their group and White does the same they have to face eachother in the semi finals, but if Blue decide to throw group games and get the 2nd seed they go to the other side of the bracket, which would give White an insanely easy run to the finals and make a White vs Blue final possible. This is how I see it turn out of Blue throws in group stage:




Of course there is the possibility of someone upsetting one of the Samsung teams, but I if so then it will probably be Blue and I don’t see anyone but NaJin with a very small chance at defeating White.

I am very excited about this year World Championship with the best teams from all regions and I think it will be the best one yet. Feel free to post your own predictions and enjoy a whole lot of awesome LoL matches!