Humble Mobile Bundle 5

Six games to keep your Android happy! Humble Mobile Bundle 5 has six games to keep you and your Android entertained. Pay what you want for retro shooter,R-Type II, the perplexing produce puzzler, Bag It!, and the monumental RPG, Aralon: Sword and Shadow. Beat the average price and get your brain into full gear with adventurous spelunking in The Cave, a digital version of the tile-based board game, Carcassonne, and The Room Two, sequel to the award winning puzzler.

Pay what you want. If you bought all of these games separately, it’d cost you up to $30, but we’re letting you name your price! These mobile games are compatible with many Android devices, but please check the supported devices here before purchasing.

Support charities and developers. Choose how your contribution is divided: among the developers and/or two charities, Child’s Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. If you like the bundle or enjoy what we do, you may also tip Humble Bundle as well. We would greatly appreciate it!