The Humble Weekly picked by Destructoid

Set phasers to fun. This weekly sale has been hand-picked by none other than the fine folks at Destructoid! Pay what you want to enjoy the pyromaniacal puzzle game, Little Inferno, the geometrical action game, Super Hexagon, and a fusion of real-time strategy and multiplayer first-person shooter elements, Natural Selection 2.

Pay $6 or more to also receive the adorable arcade-style puzzle game, Critter Crunch, the tower defense classic, PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate, and the brutally bloody top-down action shooter, Hotline Miami.

Pick a price that won’t drive you nuts and bolts. Normally these games would cost you a total of about $54, but we’re letting you name your price! Please note that you must pay $1 or more to receive Steam keys for these games.

Ready to play DRM-free and on Steam. All of these games, with the exception of Critter Crunch and Natural Selection 2, are available DRM-free. Pay $1 or more to enjoy these awesome games on Steam for Windows. Full system requirements for the games can be found here.

Please note that Little Inferno and Super Hexagon do not include Android versions of the games.

Support charity. You choose where your money goes: between the developers and/or two charities, Watsi and Child’s Play Charity. And if you like this promotion, a tip to Humble Bundle would be greatly appreciated!