Wolfenstein – The new order

Check out the trailer to Wolfenstein the new Order.

Wolfenstein – the new order

Another glimps of Wolfenstein the new order. The story i’ll say.


Don’t know you Guys out there, but some of you remember, and some of you don’t remember the good old wolfenstein who opened the eyes of the world to the FPS “First person Shooter” genre. You had to kill Hitler but who cares. The awesome part was to listen to Wolfensteins cool shout outs and finding secret door ways to get the Gatling machinegun fast.
Despite the quality of this game. It deserves attention! It’s part of history, and even though another title was made some years ago and didn’t get hit on the market it was meant to. I believe this title will.

The Trailer is tickling my gaming lust!

Wolfenstein 3D – Cover , Release date May 5, 1992


Check also this comparison between 1992 and 2013 Wolf 😉 AWESOME!!

Model comparison 1992 – 2013