Time to suit up and answer the call of the Bat signal…

Time to suit up and answer the call of the Bat signal…

With the upcoming console release of Batman Arkham Origin, NetherRealm have again, given us a solid iOS game.

Well as promised here is the review of the first hour of gameplay for, Batman Arkham Origins. Before the console launch of the game, the iOS tie in game popped up on the iTunes the other day, from NetherRealm. So as a  fan of Batman, it was a must, to download. I checked first as always, the amount of in app purchases or microtransactions (as they are also known as), and there are a good few. I will say it now, before we get too far into the review, I myself hate microtransactions, but they are not going away anytime soon, so lets continue.

Bonus info, NetherRealm have a again, connected the mobile version of a game to the console versions. You can unlock things for the console version through playing the mobile version and also the other way around. All you need to do is log in with your WBID. If you don’t have one you easily create one. You log in on both versions of the game, and play away. NetherRealm did this also for the game Injustice: Gods among us, well worth a look.

The game intro starts with the Batplane returning to the Batcave, and Batman starts to give a report to Alfred. He describes the assassins that have taken on Blackmask’s contract,  ‘One night to kill the Bat’.

You starts with a tutorial of  the basic moves and blocks. You are guided around the user interface of the game from purchasing your first Batsuit, to upgrading your skills and to selecting your missions.  Gotham is displayed on the mission map as four quarters, ‘Uptown Gotham’, ‘The Docks’, ‘Downtown Gotham’ and the ‘Industrial district’. As always when needed, the Bat signal will pop up on the mission map and as Batman you tap the icon to answers the call. When you click on the Bat signal you get a brief of the mission. Each brief, gives a description of the mission, including difficulty, mission reward and stamina cost. Each time Batman suits up, and takes on a mission he uses stamina, sometimes 2 per mission sometimes 3. You start off with 10 blocks of stamina. The stamina bar refills over time or you can use in game currency to refill it.  For 1 Waynetech point you can refill a whole empty stamina to full. Throughout the game you receive upgrade points and sometimes Waynetech points, when you complete a mission. These points can be used fill the stamina up, to give Batman a better skill set and to buy the Batman suits you unlock.  This is where the microtransactions part of the game comes into play. If you feel the needed to purchase things faster you can make microtransactions, but be warned a wrong click here and there can cost a lot of REAL money. I have included the microtransactions screens so you can see the prices.

Now you have suited up and picked your mission… the game starts… you play by tapping the screen to hit the thug or boss, after a multi hit, a swipe action will appear and will require your reaction, to land harder hit. Each mission has a set number of thugs to fight through. Some might have 3, others might have upto 10 thugs to fight against. Batman can switch between ASSAULT stance and GUARDED stance. Each stance has a different special attack. The icon for this in on the bottom right of the fight screen. In the middle you have the icon to unleash the special attack. These attacks can only be used once the cooldown timer has expired. On the bottom left you have your BLOCK icon. With a tap of this Batman will block an attack, you can also block by holding 2 fingers on the screen. When the game is paused you can click on help and you will be shown a breakdown of the game HUD. After answering the Batsignal a few times, a  ‘most wanted challenge’ or ‘Assassin challenge’  will appear on the map. These challenges will cost more stamina, but the rewards are higher. You can choose to buy ‘Boost’ before you take on a mission. These ‘Boost’ give Batman increased damage support, or special attacks recharge fast.. you use your Waynetech points for them.

So I have played Batman Arkham Origin for a hour, do I like it ? Yes. The look of it is great, the fact that you earn things between this game and console version is great. “But I won’t be buying the console version” I hear you saying. That’s ok you can still play this game without the need to buy the console version. It’s still a good game. “But it sounds like you do the same thing over and over again” I hear you saying… true, but the game itself won’t have you sitting there, playing for hours on end. The cost of stamina per mission will give you the needed breaks from the game, to keep it interesting ( well it will if you can stay away from making microtransactions, when you use your Waynetech points to refill it ).  So if this review has given you the taste to try it, you can find it here on the iTunes store. There will be an Android version released soon. So there you have it. Batman Arkham Origins mobile version is worth a download. You will have to excuse me , I have to get back to playing the game, so I can have my console unlocks ready, for when the game comes out.

BAO1BAO MAP 2    BAO UP1BAO UP2  BAO WT1 BAO WT2BAO suits 1BAO suits 2 BAO mission report



The Verdict


The Good: It’s Batman. The cross platform connection. The look and feel of the game.

The Bad: Microtransactions ( I hate them ), sometimes the feeling of doing the same over again and again.