Terraria – a sandbox adventure

Terraria – a sandbox adventure

A free roaming, sandbox, rpg indie game where you can let loose the dogs of imagination.

Hello and welcome back for another review. This time its Terraria, a sandbox adventure.

First of all, what is a sandbox game? An open world is a type of video game level design where a player can roam freely through a virtual world and is given considerable freedom in choosing how or when to approach objectives. The term “free roam” is also used, as is “sandbox” and “free-roaming”. Now we know that, lets talk about the game.

I first noticed it on Steam, didnt give it a thought at that time, but now I am intriqued to try it out, that happend when I saw I could download a “free” version of the game to my tablet. The most annoying with that app, is the constant commercials, for the game. But if you can ignore that, you have a functional game. Its a 2D-sandbox game. Where you have full control of what you want to do in the game, it starts out with a tutorial to get you started, telling you what to harvest/mine/chop so that you can build/create stuff. First thing you build is a torch, then a house. After that you’re of to… yeah.. let loose the imagination of creation? As with other sandbox games, the more you spend time in the game the more stuff you find and create. I tried the game for 1 hour, and I am considering buying it on Steam, but I can wait for a discount.

If you love free roaming games where you can do what you want to do and have the lust for adventure to discover all the small but cool secrets in the game. Then Terraria is a game for you, you can play it alone or with friends which just add more fun to it and help you build stuff faster.

But all in all, a game you can spend your time on if you dont know what else to do at the moment. But considering that Grand Theft Auto V just got out I dont expect anyone to try any other games for the time being 😉


See you out there

– SithDuck



The Verdict


The Good: Free creation, a big world.

The Bad: dig dig dig dig