Rogue Legacy

Rogue Legacy

So funny! Surprising! Captivating! One of the best indie games ever! if you like RPG's ;)

I’m speechless… I expected a fun surprise but I been playing this games for hours and hours and simply can’t get enough of the humor a style.
The game keeps refreshing itself with new chars and upgrades.

So… What fun?
The fact that every single hero has 2 traits and these traits can be good and bad.
Here’s a list of some:
– Colorblind (you will play black and white)
– Gigantism (you are huge, with huge sword, shield and all. But trouble to pass traps)
– Hypochondria (when getting 10 damage your char will tell you the hit was 2367 damage or more, and that pops up)
– Dwarfism ( your extra small)
– ADHD (your extra fast! Can be hard to control)
– OCD (get mana by breaking stuff)
– Endomorph (massive build, hard to knock back)
– Dementia (can’t use the map, because you can’t remember where you are)
– etc… even the illness where you can’t feel pain is a trait which result in your life bar is hidden 

And so on… This is really funny, at least I think. Most of these traits have an impact on your game.
The other detail is that the castle will be locked every time you enter, and that means you’ll have to die to buy new stuff. So no falling in love with a barbarian king with gigantism though it’s hard not too :)
The first hour the game tickles your curiosity, and you want to see more and learn more. It has features related to magic the gathering. Every hero you make will have a card showing attack and defense and special abilities like a good old magic card. The game also relate to the character creating from basic dungeons and dragons where you have to personalize your character before introducing him to the team.
For anyone with a hang to RPG genre, you must have this game! Simple as that!
I have been playing for hours and I can’t put the game aside.

look at the first gaming hour here :)

The Verdict


The Good: Surprising, and keeps surprising in late game
Simple control
Gameplay perfect

The Bad: I can’t say anything bad about this title