Reus is a clever god game, giving the gamer control over 4 elements to affect the environment on the planet, so life can blossom. The goal of the game on the other hand is not about making a strong civilization, but to get the trophies before time runs out!

I was very excited about Reus when it appeared on Steam. A new concept in the God genre. You have control over 4 giants (elements if fire was instead of swamp). Rock, nature, water, swamp. Each giant have different abilities to mold the earth that we manage with natural resources like animals, plants and minerals. And each of these resources can be upgraded in different directions with special abilities from each giant.
Start up:
When the game start, you play for 1 era which is 30 min. Then you have to unlock trophies within the Era. And when a certain amount of trophies is unlocked you will unlock the next era which is 60 min.
Each startup starts with a dead planet. Nothing appears on it, and it is up to you and start making water, forest, mountains and swamp. And as soon as you build the first resource, a small camp will appear next to it. It’s up to your giants to help this camp grow into a city by giving requested resources. And after each grow of the city, a new coal will appear, and after the first grow, a project will start. A project that will release a governor who can join a giant of your choice and this way unlock a new skill. Very clever actually. This means you’ll have to manage more cities is the giants should grow equally fast.

I myself is a big fan of Quill18, and i choose to use his video for this gameplay. Whos good at explaining. Far better than i am 😉 Enjoy.

Each city reacts on your actions. They get cocky, if you make life too easy on them to fast and warmongering if other cities are favored.
all in all… the game is quit fun for the first hour, but then it get rather boring… for some when an Era ends, you have the feeling that you need to build it all up again… sigh… But that’s what the game is all about, getting the trophies before time runs out.
I think it’s a clever game, and I put it above average for its personality!

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The Verdict


The Good: good mix of God/stategi/indie
a lot of combination

The Bad: Hard to start over every round. You miss to see the end sometimes
can get a Little trivial