Grab your Pampers!

Hi! my name is Miles, and I’m a true jack-ass ­čśÇ

Well, turns out you really are. Reporter Miles Upshur got kinked up by some insider info, telling to check this creepy asylum out, where certain experiments have been going on.
Will you go in guns-blazing? no… let’s just bring a camcorder that sucks juice faster than an iPhone -_-

Ok, so, honestly – my background with Silent Hill 1, 2, 3 and a little bit of 4, Amnesia: The Dark Descent (A Machine For Pigs pre-ordered), Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem, Slender: The Eight Pages + The Arrival – Outlast is a true pain in the ass :( A lot of the game mechanics remind of Amnesia, this time with a camcorder that has 1,5 meter ahead view. Run, hide and/or die is the way to go. I would have wanted to write a review while being much longer in the game, but MY GOD! I just can’t! This title sets the style for ‘horror’ and the more you get in to it, the more damn horrible it gets.
It hasn’t been that long ago since I finished Amnesia, which gave me a couple of minor heart attacks, but Outlast gave me an almost critical heart attack after 5 minutes in the actual scenery.

Anyway, enough about my spineless ways; here’s the game: You report, right? ok, so use your camcorder and report what you see! It’ll help you gaining notes and additional journal entries.
Along the way you will find evidence of weird shit going on in the asylum.

Your primary objective is to find your way out of this hell hole, batteries for your gadget, and diapers enough for you to last. I ran out of the last feature -_-
When you are confronted by an enemy, or at least when you hear one approaching you; HIDE! you can find a very black corner, or inside of a locker (trust me, you’ll love to stay in those).
Use total darkness and a headset, because you can hear your foes by their footsteps (and judge them by their location).
Miles will also breathe like a hyperventilating monkey while knowing he’s being chased – so use your instincts.

Main reason why I made this review so early is, because, if you like the horror genre (I mean it) – Outlast will definitely reward itself while building your own experience while playing it.

Controls are easy, just another FPS – I just found it convenient changing very few hotkeys on my mouse to make things easier.

I never heard of the producer, but, damn, for an Indie game; this one sure is worth the money!
My rig supports a lot of hot games on the highest graphics – can’t judge your experience… just don’t crap yourself playing this one.


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Check out Redbarrels trailer here.

The Verdict


The Good: HORROR!!!

The Bad: Extreme battery drainage on your camcorder..


  1. Iwan cornelissen September 5, 2013 9:17 pm 

    Not that it made a big difference, but let me know if you want some minor hacks to make surviving a little more… review-dude-kind-of-like-survival’ish-possible -_-

  2. Marius September 19, 2013 8:42 pm 

    Plz post hack, i could use it big time. All you have.
    Can you get a hack to make Creapy enemies apear as sweet ponys? and effects the same.

  3. Iwan cornelissen September 20, 2013 7:48 am 

    Haha, sure thing! This hack will make survival more easy, but it will lower the fear-factor a bit. And no, enemies will definitely not look like My Little Pony!

    Look the following file on “C:\Users\…\Documents\My Games\Outlast\OLGame\Config\OLGame.ini” and edit it with Notepad. Scroll down in the file for the following entry “[OLGame.OLHero]”, there you can change:

    You can change the value to whatever crazy number you feel comfortable with, like: 9999999999.0 if you please – then the camcorder battery will never deplete.


    The higher the value on these entries, the louder you become. Change to “0.0” and you’ll be silent like a ninja and your enemies won’t be able to hear you at all.

    A little lower in the list you’ll find: “[OLGame.OLPlayerController]” where you can find MaxNumBatteries= … change this value to change the max amount of batteries you can carry.

    Enjoy :-p