Might and Magic – Dual of Champions

Might and Magic – Dual of Champions

After a bunch of boosters, your deck will begin to take form, it will be a 100% Unique

Anyone remember the good old days with magic Cards? 1st edition came out while I was still struggling with elementary school. It was magnificent, an endless bottle of fun.
M&M – DOC does the same. They have managed to digitalize this. It’s the same gameplay, the same endless options to put your deck together, the same great felling when you beat someone just as they were about to defeat you :)

The first hour:
You have to choose your starting deck/faction. Like the good old Heroes of might and magic games, this game is based on the same factions. You get a basic deck to start up a dual. As you Progress, you will evolve in rank, earn Money and experience which you will be able to trade for boosters. Yeah… that’s the magic Word. Booster packs are like MTG (magic the gathering) a pack of 12 Cards with different rarity, randomly selected by some all mighty server somewhere in Amazonas. When your fate is sealed, and the Cards are revealed you’ll be able to put those into your deck that enhances it the way you want to play.
The best deck is not the one with the highest and strongest creatures, but the one with Cards complementing each other… did anyone say good old Goblin deck?

After a bunch of boosters, your deck will begin to take form, it will be a 100% Unique combination of Cards no one in the universe will have but you off cause.

Free to play – or- Free to pay
This is free to play, a golden title for the genre. If you don’t pay, you will progress as everybody else. I don’t have the feeling that I have to pay to play with other gamers for this. the reason I would like to pay ones in a while, would be for the excitement to open a new booster pack. Probably like a gambling syndrome  but that’s the right way to do it. I would categories it with LOL (League of legends), you can play and win without paying, but most people pay once in a while to get a new cool skin.
What else?
If you return daily just to log on, you’ll be able to get a big bonus every 7 day. This gives you tournament tickets, gold booster, experience booster, gold, seals and so on. A cool way to respectfully recognize gamers for being loyal to the game. I can recommend everybody to download the game for the Ipad, since this will be an easy way to log in and out, just to get the price.
I been playing this game way more than one hour… more like weeks and month, every time I could spare 20-30 min. it will challenge your mind to build a deck, make strategies while battling and enjoying every detail on every card.
Since MTG 2014 in my eyes was a failure, M&M-DOC can be recommended warmly.

Plz. send a friend request so I can woop your ass 😉

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The Verdict


The Good: Super gameplay
Deck Building
free to play – as it should be

The Bad: very addictive