Ok, so I'm nearly 50% completing this game - and it's awesome. If you don't own it already, it's your loss :D

Ok, so I’m nearly 50% completing this game – and it’s awesome. If you don’t own it already, it’s your loss ­čśÇ

Welcome back to Los Santos! Childhood memories.
What can I say, GTA in the perspective of 3 different people, with their own set of skills – the one drives good, the other flies good and the other drinks good. You’re controlling a group of guys that are good at robbing people, and you can switch from A to B in a very easy way. While you’re at it, you can do whatever you fancy – main quest, side missions, driving / flying around; you take your pick. The story starts out very nicely, but when you start playing; it’s all up to you.

Michael: Presumed dead – he’s a husband and father living the American dream… it’s just not his way of living, because his life is shit. He needs adrenaline! He needs heists, fast cars and …whiskey.

Franklin: He’s the sweet type. Grown up in the ghetto, with a set of brains; he’s no real gangsta, he can drive cars like a true bad-ass. His dog Chops can also be of great assistance! (get the iFruit game on iOS to train him, so e listens better etc.)
The car this dude owns NEEDS to go to the garage for a neat tune-up, judging his driving skills ­čśÇ

Trevor: Pure psychopath. This guy has made me laugh like no game has ever. Trailer trash – alcoholic, guns crazy, totally messed up with a big ‘M’. Former air force, you might trust him better in a flying vehicle before the others.

Your deal in this GTA title is to do whatever you remember of the other GTA titles – complete missions in fast cars and airborne vehicles. But there is a catch – You shape your character the way you like. You can dress them, give them tattoos, haircuts, clothes, do some hunting, golf, tennis, etc. You can even send the suckers to flight school and get their wing skills up-right! It’s all about creating your perfect man – strong, fit and handy with a gun and a vehicle. Don’t try the helicopter though – that shit is messed up.

GTA is GTA – everything in this game; what has wheels is yours to take. In GTA V you can just do so much more; hence the fact I haven’t completed it yet, after flying a cropduster into a cargo plane and shoot some people on board ….. pretty sick. I will probably restart it at some point getting close to the ending ­čśÇ

Oh, I haven’t done a triathlon yet – I’m too lazy.

The controls are very smooth. I got this on my 360, and must say the only thing that bothers me is the noise the machine makes. You install the game with the ‘install’ disc, and play with the – tadaaaa – ‘play’ disc. Playing the game will have your Xbox go insane – it will constantly buffer, any time, all the time, even on pause (like while I’m writing this). Anyway, driving might seem a bit ‘slippery’ at start – but, find your style.. it’ll work out. The only vehicle type that bothers me most is the helicopter…

For this generation console – absolutely amazing.

No comment – just blazing, awesome.

I don’t believe in giving a number as of giving a score – this game is for you to enjoy the way you like.
AND REMEMBER, XBOX USERS!!! do NOT install the PLAY disc! it’ll mess up your shizzle.

Over and out.

The Verdict


The Good: The endless map