Disciples 3 – resurrection

Disciples 3 – resurrection

Ok game, if you have time and pations you will find some hour of gameplay here.

Ok… Who said a more serious version of Heroes of might and magic?? Because that’s what disciples is, and the concept is good.
If you ever played AD&D you’ll recognize much of the universe and the way the characters are build and level. Or… They level from 1 to 7 depending on which upgrade you choose for each creature.

The world is true to its style, and everything copes up pretty cool, but somehow the game fail to keep interest after the first gaming hour… I played it for more, but I felt it after the first hour. If you want to see it, ill made the video for 1 hour on the YouTube channel. But it somehow fail to keep interest, some of the reasons are lack of understanding in the town and the landscape. The graphic is very confusing, when building you misses the overview of everything. In the landscape its ok.

Look at the first gaming hour part 1 and 2.

The heroes are nice build ups, with a cool upgrade tree, where you can go in any direction, for the build you wish to make. That works very well.

But if you played Heroes of Might and Magic you can’t stop to compare because they look so much alike. And heroes of might and magic are the winner.

I hoped for more from this game, but I have real trouble finding out how to play it on harder difficulty than easy, and that annoys me. Maybe it’s a standalone expansion, but then it should at least have a tutorial like its predecessor.

I can’t give a high char for this game, but I need to give it a little extra for challenging the genre… It needs fresh blood soon. :)

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The Verdict


The Good: Good dungeon theme
Fresh blood for the genre
Hero build is cool

The Bad: Anoying city build
Infomations is bad
Need tutorial