6th A.R.A.D.M – Call of Cthulhu: The wasted land

6th A.R.A.D.M – Call of Cthulhu: The wasted land

Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land is a Lovecraftian horror tactical role-playing game developed by Red Wasp Design in conjunction with Chaosium.

Call of Cthulhu: Wasted Lands

Wasted is another game for tablet and smartphones. Created by Red Wasp Design

The game is inspired by H.P Lovecraft’s universe with the elder gods and the mythos.

The game takes place during World War 1, where you play a team of investigators trying to fight their way through German soldiers and elder things, as you progress you discover more and more about the lovecraftian lore and its horrors. Call of Cthulhu: The wasted land is a great turn-based rpg for tablet, smartphones and now through greenlight on pc.  The gameplay and story is catching and I took myself playing this game for weeks, I was so caught. Unfortunately it’s not a game where you can just start playing while waiting in the queue for your morning coffee, seeing your turns usually takes more the just a minute. So, if you ever sit down and play this make sure you can reach it to the next checkpoint or objective/stage in the game; else you have to start all over on the map. Which tend to be frustrating, as you want to complete the game another smaller downside, though they might have fixed it, be careful on where you click on the screen as all of sudden one of your men starts walking that direction, I missed a “are you sure you want to go there” menu when moving around.


Red Wasp Design did a great job with this title and I am looking forward to see what else they might put out there with the Lovecraft feeling.

If you love UFO or Xcom enemy unknown, then you will love this game, reminder to you, it’s not the same graphics but the gameplay is overall fantastic and the story is amazing. So enjoy this Lovecraft story and shoot some German soldiers.


The Verdict


The Good: Story, Action, history, horror.

The Bad: not a quick game, needs a better way of movement.