5th. A.R.A.D.M – Elder Signs: Omen

5th. A.R.A.D.M – Elder Signs: Omen

Elder Sign: Omens is a digital version of the popular board game by Fantasy Flight Games. Build a team of unique investigators and fight to keep an all-powerful Ancient One from invading our world! Explore museums, oceans, deserts and more for the arcane Elder Signs that will help seal the Ancient One away.

Elder Signs: Omen


Elder Sign is a board game and an application for tablets and smartphones also out on steam, in this review we will be looking into the application rather than the board game.

So, Elder Signs is based on horror write H.P. Lovecraft’s novels about elder gods and mankind’s fight against these deities and their followers. It’s also a good introduction to his works and other games from Fantasy Flight Games, who have made tons of board games with this theme.

“Thus it is written and thus shall it be done, thy soul for this review to go on, for thy soul is precious to The Great Cthulhu, who slumbers in the deep of Rhy’leh, in the lost underwater city, if he should awake, woe to mankind for they are truly doomed and damned, as nothing states his thirst”


The game starts out with a nice tutorial so you know how to play, after that you’re just thrown right out into a smaller building, from here you can choose what place to visit, you have 4 investigators as your disposal, each with their very own “power” and starting items.  When you enter a mission, you can read a short story to the image just get the feeling. And then you are confronted with the tasks at hand. You get 5 Green dice whenever you enter one of these missions, unless some evil or hideous creature has “locked” one of your green die “glyph”. From here you can choose to just “roll” and hope you get the correct symbols to match with the tasks you see, or you can activate power if available or use an item from your inventory.

When you enter a task, at the bottom of its description there are 2 colour sides, a red and a green one. Red = bad stuff, what will happened if your investigator doesn’t complete the mission, while the green is success! So what good stuff will happened, well mostly good stuff. Sometimes a success could open up a portal or lure a monster to your map.


The goal of the game is to gather Elder Signs, shaped like star with a flaming eye inside. You mostly get these from successful completion of missions. But be careful that the elder god doesn’t get to many threat tokens cause then he awakens and you lose the game.

Elder Sign: Omen is a great time consumer and ideal for small and long travels, I can recommend getting the 2 expansions which are out; they just make the game longer with their 2 or 3 part campaign maps and new investigators.

So enjoy the horrors of H.P. Lovecraft


The Verdict


The Good: Decent graphics, slow loading, good sounds and easy to learn.

The Bad: sometimes like with all chance games you never get what you want.