Create, Customize, Kill! is the Weaponcrafting slogan for a reason. Unleash your inner mad-scientist to craft guns for every map and situation. There are billions of combinations—what’s your Loadout?


So, I sat down with a friend this weekend, and we both spoke of good old fps games, we both agreed that Team fortress 2 was one of the best and still is, but perhaps not anymore. If you are a fan of old arena FPS like Quake and Unreal tournament. Then you will like this game, it’s a face paced first person shooter with your classic Capture points, capture the flag, in this case the sledgehammer and death match/team death match. Plus! Its free to play, yeah I know you automatically think “crap I have to buy something to get cool gear” but NO! The creators behind LOADOUT made sure that you earn in game credits by playing, killing and maiming. If you want to spend real money on this game, then you can buy accessory to your character making them look different than others and that’s what you can spend real money on, so if you get to play this game I recommend not to, unless you want to support the makers of the game.


But play and you will get rewarded as mentioned earlier, the in game cash you can spend on making your weapon look ridiculous awesome. You can choose different payloads





And the juice.

Also you can customize your weapon to do various stuff and fire on different modes, the customization part in the game is just a smaller piece of the bigger puzzle, after you’ve upgraded your gun then its out to get some killing with it to increase its level and therefore its damage and the possibility for making it even better with bigger upgrades.

So in short words, LOADOUT is about smashing your opponent with your very own homemade custom-build rifle of mass destruction.


And if your weapon is boring, then kill one of your opponents and pick up theirs.

If in doubt, go check out their website it says it all

The graphics are great for a first person shooter, the humor is there and you sit and laugh everytime to kill someone or you get killed. The music and sounds are just spot on and you catch yourself jamming with the music



See you out there


The Verdict


The Good: Fast paced, good graphics, great sound. Customize your own weapons

The Bad: Loading and waiting for others to join the game.