3rd. A.R.A.D.M Game Dev Tycoon

3rd. A.R.A.D.M Game Dev Tycoon

Replay gaming history. Create best selling games. Research new technologies. Become the leader of the market and gain worldwide fans

GameDev Tycoon

So I always wanted to know how it is to make a pc game, so naturally I got my hands on Game Dev Tycoon. At first I thought, what have I done this will the most boring game I have yet played and what the heck am I supposed to write, but.

I downloaded it through steam at 2:00 am a boring Saturday night. (Yeah I play computer games in my weekends! Don’t come and tell me you don’t) Well I started the game a few minutes after and found myself still playing the darn game two and half hours later! I was caught and I couldn’t let go.

This game reminded me of Bullfrogs old Theme Hospital and Theme Park games which I loved as a kid. I loved the fact, that the people from Greenheart games took the liberty to “educate” us nerds by taking us approximately 35 years back in game develop times.

A trip down memory lane of computer technology, you start the game as a solo employee sitting in your basement coding games, as you play you can choose what type of game, what genre, graphics, sound and what areas to focus on. After you’ve “written” your first game you smack it out to the public and then the critics come in. Get high points else you won’t make that much a buck from your game. When you’re done with game you can run a research on your game and then you get small hints on what genre, type or other useful stuff works with the various systems out there.

Of cause you can stay in your garage/basement forever and ever, when you’ve earned enough money you move on to the next level and so on and so forth. It didn’t stop me from playing the game, seeing through research you get the chance to make more games with a lot of stuff you can code into your game and you have to choose what system you’re making it for as well.

GameDev ingame

The graphics for this game is nice and subtle and the gameplay is ok, after all you just sit and click with your mouse. But it’s a nice game, I can highly recommend buying it and support these up and coming group of people with making even greater games for us consumers.

It’s a great time killer for when you’re waiting for others or you simply just don’t know what to play.

This game is out for pc and as an app for your smartphone/tablet. So no excuse, go get it and learn some fantastic stuff about game making.

The Verdict


The Good: Great fun, captive, JUST GREAT!

The Bad: got nothing here..