1st Review, A.R.A.D.M: HOARD!!!

1st Review, A.R.A.D.M: HOARD!!!

You are the dragon, burn, steal, destroy, kidnap and protect! Those are the ways to get a hoard and to protect your hoard.


Hoard is a fantasy simulation where you are the dragon, protecting its hoard, be it princesses or mountains of gold. But, you have to gather it yourself by either attacking the various caravans moving about on the map or attacking the cities.

Each map offers different ways to play this hoarding game, its quick and easy to start and the game has time limits on each map so you don’t spend hours on hours gathering more and more gold for your hoard, which is nice. Cause it tends to get pretty boring after a few games alone on single player.




Which is why the multiplayer part is fantastic, up to 4 players can compete against each other on gathering the most hoards or capturing the princess (flag) whilst combating the vicious and cruel humans who just want to be alone. When flying around spraying fire and gathering gold you gain experience which you can use to increase your speed, amount of gold carried, armour and breathe attack. You can also get some power ups which “funny” enough are located in a Stonehenge,  it can be speed boost, fire ball attacks or Ice attacks. These come in handy when you suddenly noticed the village you burned down 3 minutes ago is all grown up and have archers all around, they hurt you like hell! If or when you get to low on health, you auto fly back to your nest to lick your wounds, and then it’s off to set the world on fire again.

I can recommend getting this Action, Strategy, Indie, Casual game when it is on a discount. Perhaps give it as a gift to 3 of your friends and play it from time to time to kill, well time.

Its partially controller enabled, which I can recommend. Else it is easy to control your dragon with keyboard and mouse.


Hoard - gameplay


Overall score: Single player: 5 Mp: 7

See you out there!

– SithDuck –



The Verdict


The Good: Fast tempered game, quick to start, easy on the eye and good ambient background music.

The Bad: To expensive(ATM), no campaign or story, can get to boring if played for long periods of time